Simply put we have partnered up with a wide range of reforestation projects around the globe to plant trees. We make the process simple and straight forward to plant trees. We also work with a wide range of companies making it easier for them to plant trees and reduce their carbon footprint.

We work with trusted partners who are closely monitor to ensure every tree that is paid for is planted but more importantly is protected so isn’t destroyed a few weeks later. We want these trees to be around hundreds if not thousands of years. 

The planting sites are continuously reported and monitored, and the reforestation companies themselves are audited by third party verification companies such as the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and the Department Of Physical Geography at Stockholm University.

We take this very seriously and every tree does matter.

Currently no, but we are looking at changing that. That being said we are in an emergency situation and we feel that planting where it will have the most impact is the most important.

Planting in the UK isn’t cheap, but we are looking at ways to help here. After all we have lost over half our original forests, but we must get creative to be able to plant tree’s for just £1.

This is a very common question, how are you able to plant trees for just £1. 

Its for two reasons scale and how far £1 goes abroad.

The scale is key, the more we plant the the cheaper it becomes, but more importantly £1 in some countries really does go far.


  • The cost of locally sourcing the native seeds, or where needed, the purchase from a seed bank.
  • The cost of growing the tree in a nursery.
  • The species of the tree and how much care that species requires.
  • Material and transport costs.
  • Preparation of planting sites.
  • Maintenance of the tree.
  • Education and training costs.
  • Employment of the local community members.
  • Protection and monitoring of the planting sites.
  • Operating costs.
  • Bank charges.

But whats great as we are a CIC any pennies left over are invested, thats why we say we will plant at least one tree for a £1. 


It depends on where the trees are being planted but there are two main season, March/April and October/November which are ideal planting times. We still send the money across to the charities in the mean time so that they can start the prep work ready for the busy planting season?

This isn’t currently possible. We plant trees so that they are native and become woods and forests and therefore we dont want to add anything else.

Also some of the trees are planted several hours away from the nearest towns so that they have the best chance to grow.

Yes, this is exactly why we created this site. If you are just wanting to plant one or two trees you can purchase these via the site. However if you want a more bespoke solution please contact us and we are more than happy to have a chat.

We looked at both options, a charity or a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. 

While setting up a charity would have allowed us to claim back GIFT AID we didn’t feel this was right. It would have created more paperwork and made us have a board of three people to oversea the charity.

A community interest company is very similar but more efficient and felt right. A CIC can not make any profits, any profits have to be reinvested, hence why we say we will plant at least one tree for a £1. All the pennies which are left are bundled together to plant even more trees.